Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) develops innovative solutions to sustainability problems within the energy industry

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable energy is a sort of energy that can be used again while meeting our present energy requirement.. Sustainable energy should be extensively promoted because it is environmentally friendly and generally available at no cost. wind, geothermal, hydropower, and ocean energy are all sustainable since they are steady and abundant. They are sustainable because they are consistent and abundant. The sun will continue to provide sunlight until we all depart this planet; heat from the sun will continue to generate winds; the earth will continue to produce heat from within and will not cool down anytime soon; and the movement of the earth, sun, and moon will continue to produce tides.

What are the advantages of sustainable energy?

Transitioning to renewable energy has several advantages. The following are the top ways that sustainable energy solutions may benefit our communities and the environment:

Enhances Public Health

Fighting Climate Change

Source of Endless Energy

Creates Local Employment

Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

Energy Security Has Lower Long-Term Costs

Why is sustainable energy essential to our future?

As we think about sustainable energy solutions and our future, we must also consider what the current energy crisis is doing to our world. Human activity has caused the globe to become 1.5 degrees hotter since the industrial revolution, a remarkable quantity in such a short period of time compared to pre-industrial revolution days. Several causes have contributed to this rise, but one important contributor is our usage of fossil fuels for energy. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most common greenhouse gas, and it has caused massive global warming.

Although humans have caused permanent environmental devastation, there is hope in preserving and diminishing the consequences for future generations. The answer is in how we lower our emissions and cease pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Recall that renewable energy creates minimal or no greenhouse gas emissions. Humans may successfully slow the rate of climate change by using sustainable energy solutions  resources and committing to clean energy.

Services that we offer

Renewable asset operations and maintenance (O&M)

The firm controls the extension of the usable life of renewable energy installations through predictive maintenance programs based on smart big data management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology. These solutions are supported by cutting-edge technology, which helps to extend the life of the renewable energy infrastructures we use to combat climate change while also increasing output volumes at a reduced cost.

Services for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC)

We offer a competent, quality-focused comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solution to assure the success of any PV and battery storage project we take on. We use our optimised method, building, connecting, and maintaining our own high-performing assets, many of which are the largest and most complicated grid-scale and battery storage developments, to new projects for both grid-scale and behind-the-meter solutions.

10 things you can do right now to make a big difference

Make better use of your energies

You not only cut pollutants but also save money by becoming more energy-efficient. Try making any or all of these minor adjustments. These may really add up when combined.

Replace your gas stove with an electric stove to reduce indoor air pollution.

Disconnect laptops, televisions, and other electrical devices while not in use.

Storage of batteries

Battery storage shields the end user from fluctuations in utility rates and allows them to optimise the time of day when batteries are charged (whether by self-generation or from the grid during periods of lowest costs) and discharged (when utility rates are highest).

Energy benchmarking and evaluation

You can’t improve on something you can’t measure! Understanding where you stand is the first step in assessing your energy strategy. Before you even consider spending, a building review (also known as an audit) at various levels can provide insight into fundamental low-hanging fruit.

Master planning for energy

We are always reacting to our surroundings. Developing an energy master plan to be proactive in our energy use will save us problems and capital costs in the future. Plan the job, execute the plan, and make adjustments as needed. Don’t overlook trash, water, and refrigerant control.

Self-generation ability

Having self-generation electricity on-site enhances site resiliency. Engines, gas or steam turbines, and fuel cells are examples of current technology.

Heat recuperation

By collecting any waste heat generated by self-generation electricity, total system efficiency improves significantly, minimising your carbon footprint and increasing your bottom line.

Storage of thermal energy

A thermal energy storage system can provide degrees of redundancy, lower operating costs, and further strengthen resilience whether it uses hydronic, ice, or phase-change material.

Participate in politics via voting

Although it is critical to lower our own carbon footprints, we must equally work on reforming the wider system. It is where we have the most potential to cut emissions. Vote for climate-change-concerned leaders at all levels of government. They must commit to establishing science-based objectives for reducing harmful carbon emissions.

Wash your digital footprint

When you use the internet, you emit CO2. We’re not saying you should get off the grid, but try to be more careful of your usage by clearing out your email inbox.

PV (photovoltaic)

The photovoltaic sector has exploded and is expected to continue. Usually speaking, Photovoltaic energy systems are more suited for real estate; yet, it is very possible that both technologies will ultimately combine.