BIM Design Services

Complete high-quality projects on time with SJS Global Solutions

Complete High Quality Projects On Time With SJS Global Solutions

We are a top BIM Design Services provider that offers quick turnaround on BIM Design Services such as CAD to BIM Conversion, 4D Scheduling, Construction Estimation Services, etc. Our BIM models are created by skilled professionals using cutting-edge BIM software while strictly adhering to the most recent industry standards.

SJS Global Solutions was founded with the intention of offering High-Quality BIM Design Services with a rapid turnaround time. Hence, as a result, we have become a preferred partner for our clients. We take pride in announcing that we have completed numerous projects by providing BIM Design Services all over the world. This statement also signifies that our client base is not limited to India. Instead, we have clients from all over the world. Well, there is a solid reason behind SJS Global Solutions becoming the best company providing BIM Design Services. The secret behind our success is the client-centric strategy that we follow. At SJS Global Solutions, we aim to provide top-notch BIM Design Services and Support to our clients. In order to fulfill this, we embrace the particular business needs and procedures of our clients.

At SJS Global Solutions, we take great pride in providing clients with cutting-edge technical expertise and a multidisciplinary team that gives them a competitive edge. Additionally, the best thing about opting for our BIM Design Services is that we stay current with market trends and know all international codes and standards. Revit modeling services, CAD to BIM conversion, 4D BIM, 5D BIM, and quantity take-offs are just a few of the many BIM modeling services SJS Global offers to its clients. We have experience creating BIM models at different levels of detail (LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 350, LOD 400, and LOD 500). Additionally, we are also capable of managing complex projects with specific requirements. We produce as-built BIM models for documentation and facility management so that the building can be maintained properly after it has been built.

Let’s have a look at the BIM Design Services provided at SJS Global Solutions

Architectural BIM Design Services


To support the designing, planning, 3D Rendering, BIM Coordination, and on-site construction processes, SJS Global Solutions offers Architectural BIM Design Services to architectural firms, construction companies, realtors, and general contractors worldwide.

Structural BIM Design Services


For architectural firms, steel fabricators, and general contractors, SJS Global Solutions provides Structural BIM Design Services. Included in this are structural BIM modeling, as-built drawings, steel detailing, rebar detailing, structural shop drawings, etc.

Point Cloud To BIM Design Services


For historical landmarks, churches, governmental structures, educational institutions, and other structures, we provide scan-to-BIM Design Services, CAD, and mesh solutions. Well-known survey companies worldwide use our Point Cloud for BIM Modeling Services.

MEP BIM Design Services


For MEP contractors, general contractors, MEP engineering firms, and construction companies, we are a professional BIM Design Services provider in India that provides various MEP BIM Design Services such as MEP BIM Modeling, BIM Coordination, MEP Shop Drawing Services, BIM Clash Detection, etc.

Façade BIM Design Services


We continue to be the AEC industry’s go-to partner for façade modeling projects thanks to our years of experience and all the façade BIM modeling projects that we have completed so far. All the skilled façade modelers on the SJS Global Solutions team provide a variety of services, including façade modeling, curtain wall detailing, and the integration of façade, structural, and MEP designs into a single model.

Revit Family Creation Services


We at SJS Global Solutions offer loadable and in-place BIM Object creation for architectural, structural, and MEPF elements used by manufacturers, product design firms, architectural firms, construction firms, etc. as part of our Revit Family Creation Services

5D Quantity Takeoff Services


Our 5D BIM Design Services include creating BIM models for engineers, architects, general contractors, and developers worldwide that have quantity take-offs and cost estimations. For businesses, governments, hotels, and other structures, we produce 5D BIM models.

4D Scheduling BIM Design Services


SJS Global Solutions provides designers, builders, owners, and contractors with data-rich 4D BIM models. Our clients can see the entire life cycle and progress of the project relative to time thanks to our video simulation of the construction activity.

6D BIM Design Services


For all types of buildings, SJS Global Solutions offers 6D BIM Design Services that include sustainable energy analysis. By ensuring that green and energy-efficient building standards are met, we help our clients overcome sustainability challenges.

Clients can receive a comprehensive solution when opting for BIM Design Services at SJS Global Solutions. All thanks to our data-driven approach, which unites people, processes, and technology. Additionally, not to mention, in order to produce customized digital representations that meet the needs of our clients, we use the most recent technology solutions and design software.