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LEED Certification process is a task that requires meticulous planning and expertise. SJSGlobal have been working in successfully offshoring LEED certification work for our customers globally. Many times we are asked about the process, so we decided to write a BLOG entry about it.

 What is LEED Certification?

  • Offshoring LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification work involves obtaining LEED certification for a building project through a remote or third-party process.
  • LEED is a globally recognized green building certification program, and the certification process typically involves several steps. Here’s how offshore LEED certification works:
  1. Select a LEED Consultant througg SJSGlobal :
  • You can Start by selecting a LEED consultant through us that can guide you on the total process. For more specific requirements or a third-party organization that specializes in LEED certification services, SJSGlobal brings a number of partnerships that you can leverage on. Our consultants are located anywhere in the world, not necessarily in the same location as the building project.
  1.   Initial Consultation through SJSGlobal
  • Have an initial consultation with us and our LEED consultant to discuss the project’s goals, scope, and the desired LEED rating (e.g., LEED Silver, LEED Gold, LEED Platinum). This is a key step and it defines the strategy of achieving your LEED rating. For this, several documents/series of information will be required, that our consultant can guide you to procure and get prepared correctly.
  1. Documentation and Data Collection:
  • As in Step2, our consultant will help you gather all the necessary documentation, data, and information related to the building project, including architectural plans, energy efficiency measures, water usage strategies, and materials selection. This documentation is crucial for the LEED certification process and if done correctly, will allow for a smooth process flow.
  1. LEED Scorecard Development:
  • Our LEED consultant will help develop a LEED scorecard that outlines the various prerequisites and credits that the project aims to achieve. This scorecard will serve as a roadmap for the certification process.
  1. Design and Construction Phase Support:
  • Throughout the design and construction phases, the LEED consultant can provide guidance and recommendations to ensure that the project aligns with LEED requirements. This can include reviewing designs, materials, and construction practices.
  1. Submission of Documentation:
  •   As the project progresses, the LEED consultant will collect, review, and organize all necessary documentation and evidence to demonstrate compliance with LEED prerequisites and credits. This includes energy modeling, water usage data, and more.
  1. Application Submission:
  • The LEED consultant will submit the application and documentation to the relevant LEED certifying authority, such as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in the United States. This step can often be done electronically.
  1. Review and Certification:
  •  The certifying authority will review the application and documentation to ensure that the project complies with LEED requirements. If everything is in order, they will grant LEED certification at the desired level.
  1. Post-Certification Maintenance:
  •  LEED certification may require ongoing monitoring and reporting to maintain compliance with certain credits. The LEED consultant can assist with this as well.

 It’s important to note that LEED certification can vary from one region or country to another, as different organizations or authorities may oversee the process. Additionally, it’s essential to work with experienced professionals who understand LEED requirements and can provide guidance on how to achieve certification effectively.

 Keep in mind that while offshoring LEED certification work is possible and doable but it’s important to maintain clear communication and coordination with the chosen consultant to ensure a successful outcome.

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